Whiskey Ridge Beef

Creating a Legacy

Our mission at Whiskey Ridge Beef is to create a legacy through the regeneration of our land and production of beef for a community of consumers that believe in making a difference.

Our tri-fold business model is focused on:


Building a personal and lasting relationship with our customers and providing them with truly healthy and nutrient dense beef,


Humanely raising cattle without hormones or antibiotics in an unconfined environment and fed a grass-based diet grown on regenerated soils,


Regenerating our land through rotational grazing and stocking rate management.

What Our Customers Say



“My family and I have been purchasing our beef from CSF Farms Whiskey Ridge beef for several years now. Not only is the quality of the beef that we receive fantastic, it’s very important to us that we understand where our food is coming from wherever possible. Supporting local Colorado beef producers is important to us as well. We have full control over the cut sheet process and their processor does a great job. Kerry is a pleasure to work with and we always look forward to seeing her on deliver day – service with a smile!”


Scott - Highlands Ranch, CO

“I haven’t purchased beef from a grocery store for over 20 years now, which is how long I’ve been ordering my beef from Whiskey Ridge Beef! Whether corn fed or grass-fed (I’ve ordered both), you won’t find better tasting beef than Whiskey Ridge beef!”

Scott – Highlands Ranch, CO

Bryan - Highlands Ranch, CO

“If you are looking for incredible, high quality beef, which I personally think is equivalent to prime grade, that comes with a personalized touch including delivery and custom butchering, then Whiskey Ridge beef is for you. My family has enjoyed this beef for the last 10 years and every year we buy more.”

Bryan – Highlands Ranch, CO

Melissa – Denver, CO

“We love our beef from Whiskey Ridge! Their prices are amazing and, more importantly, their meat is tasty due to the happy lives that the cows enjoy. We love knowing that we are feeding our family healthy, grass-fed beef. They are very accommodating with requests and deliveries.”

Melissa – Denver, CO