Forget The Filet, Try Beef Tenderloin

Filet has been traditionally coveted has the best cut of meat, but we beg to differ. We say forget the filet, try beef tenderloin.  Using grass fed and finished beef will provide a richness and natural benefits that grain fed beef don’t provide.

This special cut of meat has become extremely popular with families because it feeds a large amount of people and doesn’t require a ton of work. With just a little bit of prep, the right cookware, and a meat thermometer, you’ll have a juicy cut of roast beef tenderloin that’ll make your guests begging you to make it time and time again.

What Is a Beef Tenderloin?

Beef tenderloin is the most tender cut of beef, and it is located within the loin. This is also where we get filet mignon, which is made from the very tip of the pointy end of the tenderloin. There is very little fat within the tenderloin, making it a very lean cut. Because of all that, beef tenderloin is one of the most expensive cuts of beef.

When cooking beef tenderloin, it’s important to cook it to an accurate temperature. The recommended cook for beef tenderloin is medium-rare. At medium-rare this roast will have the ideal level of tenderness and will melt in your mouth. Slices towards the ends of the roast will be cooked to medium or medium well, while the center remains a perfect medium rare. We recommend you use a meat thermometer for 100% accuracy.

Preparing Beef Tenderloin

Step 1: Trim

Start by trimming your beef tenderloin if it is not already trimmed for you. To trim the beef tenderloin, you’ll want to remove the silver like skin that runs down the length of the tenderloin. Run your knife gently underneath while pulling it up with your other hand. Trim off any other excess fat around the outside.

Step 2: Tie

This cut of meat is not uniform in shape but needs to be to get the beef to cook evenly so it’s important to tie it up and make it as uniform in shape as possible. If not already tied, using butcher’s twine you can easily tie it up. Tuck the long-pointed end into the thicker part of the tenderloin creating a uniform cylinder shape. This video shows you how.

Step 3: Chill

To give your tenderloin a delicious crust on the outside, leave it in the fridge overnight unwrapped. This will dry out the surface, allowing you to gain a perfectly browned crust when seared.

Beef Tenderloin Recipes

The internet has no shortage of recipe ideas for this delicious cut of meat. Try something new! Try adding a special twist using special sauces like red wine, orange horseradish, browned garlic butter, to name a few. Here is a link to some of our favorites:

Eating Well: Healthy Beef Tenderloin Recipes

Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner: Beef Tenderloin, Cranberry and Pear Salad

Whiskey Ridge Beef is based out of Seibert, CO and is family owned and operated. Our mission at Whiskey Ridge Beef is to create a legacy through the regeneration of our land and production of beef for a community of consumers that believe in making a difference. We provide exceptional grass-fed beef with free delivery within 200 miles of Seibert, CO are working hard to create a legacy for generations to enjoy. Visit our website to learn more.

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